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Hospital care plus is one of the leading branch in hospital sector, we care about hospital every moment. hospital care plus will help to manage every task in hospital, we can say once hospital care plus is setup then hospital will be completely digitalised.

User Account Management

Hospital Care Plus is based on Unified Communication (UC) Framework. It provides various real-time communication tools in order to enhance business communication between stakeholders. Doctors, Nurses Accountant, Phlebotomists, Pharmacist, Patient and other Hospital personnel can communicate smoothly. The built-in access control mechanism automatically manages stakeholders' accounts based on login credentials, eliminating complex and tedious process of granting privilege individually.

Billing Management

Hospital Care Plus systemically simplifies the tedious and inconvenient task of handling monetary transaction. Patients' fees and date of payment is easily accessible. It also handles the amounts payable and receivable to Doctors, personnel, suppliers and other business firms easier. Notification system assists timely reminder of payment dues. Furthermore, it facilitates the online payment transaction and mediates between you and our selected banks.

Bed Management

In hospitals, beds are a scarce resource. Hospital care plus Allocates and provides beds in the required sectors. Simply add beds with room, floor and bed type. Also, you can easily assign beds for each patient and if the beds are occupied or not through the system.

Inventory Management

With Hospital Care Plus you will always have detailed information about your stocks at all times. All of the stock details are labeled according to their nature of sections and sensitivity basis which notifies you when the stocks reach below critical quantity. This will help you in uninterrupted dispense of goods as well as reminder for timely replenishment.

Patient Management

Manage your patients' data with ease as our system indexes and integrates all the information in the user-friendly format. The data are classified into various sections such as enrollment date, payment status, patient status. It also acts as the indicator for tracking progress of the individual patient and plan accordingly for further improvements.

Staff Management

This section of the system deals with the operation level management of hospitals' personnel. Using Hospital Care Plus, required official details are stored in systematic manner making it easier in managing staff and future reference. Assign and schedule roles and responsibility to the staffs and department with required level of authority whilst tracking its progress simultaneously. This will provide insight to efficiency and productivity of staffs and the departments.

Mobile SMS

Hospital Care Plus provides mobile SMS service in affordable price for better communication between hospital and its associates. Send SMS to large number of people or an individual anytime using our mobile SMS service.

Device push notification

Hospital Care Plus comes with an android app which provides up to date information to its user (staff and patients) about news and notices published by the hospital. It also has the facility to send device notification to selected patient or staff only.

Global Positioning system (GPS)

To know exactly where the Ambulance bus has reached when bringing the patient to hospital, the hospital monitors its location in a map using Global Positioning System provided by Hospital Care Plus.

Online attendance

There is the facility of hospital attendance management in Hospital Care Plus both from mobile app and web. Hospital no longer has to maintain attendance registers and keep day to day record in attendance book.

Manage transportation

This section of the system keeps records of the hospital transportation system, transportation routes as well as assigning staff to bus as well as monitoring of vehicle.

Manage Appointments

In Hospital Care Plus, the doctors schedule can be easily managed without any problems or hampering the time of the doctors. Patients can easily take appointment with any doctors through the system making it easier for them.

Manage Blood

Organized list of blood details, information about the blood in the blood bank, List of blood donors and their history of blood donation. Hospital Care plus has simple and easy functionality to add blood donators in the system.


Generate automated report of staff Attendance and account through Hospital Care plus. Stay ahead through the data acquired from these reports and grow. The report generated are accurate and time efficient.

Manage Schedule

Systematically schedule the time of the doctors without hampering their daily duty and minimize the problem of coinciding of appointments or work.

Manage Test

In this section in the system you can add different test that are conducted by the hospitals, and view the test details of each patient. Get information of the patients test result and help them to improve their health.

Manage Operation

Through this module hospitals can manage their operations that takes place in a timely manner with respect to the schedule of the doctors and other staffs. Also change the time of the operations without coinciding with other operations.

Manage Pharmacy

Always stay up-to-date about the items in the pharmacy. Send the details of medicine of individual patients to the pharmacist directly and save valuable time of your patient and staffs.


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